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Tick Talk

It's hard to believe but the holidays are right around the corner! While we gather with close family and friends, it’s important to keep our pets safe among all the bustle and cheer. TLC has gathered 5 safety tips to ensure you and your pet have a safe and happy holiday season!


Unfortunately, several plants we often see this time of year can cause moderate to severe upset stomach if ingested by our pets. Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe should all be kept well away from our pets, if not avoided altogether.


'Good eats' are synonymous with holiday cheer but the foods we hold near and dear can also pose a health risk to our pets. Avoid giving your pet table scraps as much as possible, including fatty gravies, sauces, meat with bones, stuffing, and starchy dishes like mashed potatoes. Never leave chocolate treats where your pet can access them and keep candies, fruit cakes, and sugary goodies out of reach. Instead, opt to have pet-appropriate treats on-hand like TLC Whole Life Dog Biscuits.

3. THE 'FAM'

It's a time to gather with those we love, and this can mean a lot of new and unfamiliar faces for our pets. If you're lucky enough to be hosting; have a quiet space with plenty of room and fresh water where your pet can spend some time should they need it. Keep in mind your pet's temperament. If you know they don't do well with commotion or unfamiliar people, plan accordingly and be on-hand to comfort them as guests arrive.


Keep an eye on your pet while gifts are being unwrapped. Plastic, ribbon, ties and small toys or gifts with lots of pieces can all pose a choking hazard to our furry friends. Opt for trash-less gift wrapping or be prepared to quickly clear away garbage and other hazards.


You've probably been dealing with your pet's curiosity since you've put up your tree and these symbols of the season can pose an even greater risk after the holiday rush comes to an end. Continue watering your tree right up until you take it down to avoid needles drying out and the tree becoming unstable. Keep an eye out for fallen ornaments, broken glass, plastic, and other bits and bobs can be a choking hazard and toxic to our pets.

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